About Ibiza Festivals

(Ibiza, Spain)

The island of Ibiza is known for its year-round party atmosphere and diverse selection of festivals and entertainment, which include yachting regattas, carnivals and street parades.

Popular festivals in Ibiza include the following events.

Annual Ibiza Festivals

  • January: Revelta i Beneides de Sant Antoni Abat, taking place each year in the middle of the month, with costumed processions, dancing and large bonfires
  • February: Carnival, with many spectacular parades around central Ibiza, together with fancy dress balls and a range of other events
  • March: Semana Santa, religious festival celebrated throughout the Ballearic Islands, with the most prominent events in Ibiza being held on Good Friday and Easter Sunday
  • April: Princess Sofia Trophy, without doubt the largest and most popular yachting regatta in the area
  • June: Sant Antoni de Juny, taking place each year on June 13th, in the Arta area of nearby Mallorca, with feasting and colourful parades
  • July: Dia de Virgen de Carmen, honouring this important patron saint, where many fishing boats are blessed
  • August: Assumption of the Virgin, held in the middle of the month each year, with celebrations all over the country
  • August: Sant Ciriac, with plenty of food and drink to celebrated the historic recapture of the Balearic Islands by the Spanish many years ago

Palacio de Congreseo de Ibiza (Convention Centre)
Address: Avenida Salvador Camacho 9 - 11, Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza, Spain
Tel: +34 971 336 406
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